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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that our website can store on your computers or mobile devices when you visit a particular page or site as a whole. Thanks to these files, our and other sites will be able to recognize your device the next time you visit them.

Why do we use cookies?

    Cookies perform many different functions. We use cookies to:
    - we analyze how well our site works
    - which are the most visited pages and sections of the site
    - which are the most used functionalities on the site
    - are there pages that fail to visualize and which browsers and operating systems are happening
    - to provide you with the most relevant, useful, and interesting content

What cookies do we use?

1. Functional cookies

Thanks to them, we remember your preferences - for example, where do you browse our site, do you have a registration or not, are logged in or not, etc. With information from them, for example, you get the most personalized content, products, and offers.

2. Advertising cookies

We use these cookies to see ads outside your that are as close as possible to your interests.

3. Analysis cookies

We track information about the site as the most visited pages, the most common user platforms, and devices, and so on.

4. Site security cookies

Thanks to them, we recognize genuine visitors from the fake ones who want to prevent our users from accessing services.

Can I stop cookies on

Yes, you can do so from our dedicated privacy section or by pressing the F1 button on your browser and searching for the cookie settings in your browser.

We do not store personal data in cookies.

For more information about our cookie policy, please contact us at