Terms & Conditions


Dear Customers,

The current terms and conditions are designed to regulate the relationship between our onlinе store “miniagents”, owned by “Marnito” OOD, UIC 202832827, Bulgaria, Sofia 1618, Quarter Bakston, block 10, entrance 1, floor 11, apartment 52, e-mail: support@miniagents.com, referred to as the Supplier, and the Customers.

Online store “miniagents” (www.miniagents.com) is accessible to all users, who must read obligatory and agree with these Terms and Conditions.

  1. “Miniagents” (www.miniagents.com) is an online store selling baby products.

  1. By visiting, considering or using the website www.miniagents.com, you are agreeing to accept these terms and conditions as a legal equivalent of a written contract signed by the parties and accept to meet the Conditions of this contract. Under the contract for the purchase and sale of goods, the Supplier is obliged to deliver and transfer the ownership to the Customers to the goods specified by them. The Clients pay price to the Supplier for the delivered goods, according to these Terms and Conditions.

  2. Online store www.miniagents.com reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions and your continued use of the website following a change will be deemed to be your acceptance of that change.

  3. The information published on www.miniagents.com is publicly available on the Internet.

  4. These Terms and Conditions give information for your rights, restrictions, and responsibilities when using the website. Every Customer is bound by the rules of these Terms and Conditions from entering the website till leaving it.

  5. Data protection and security is provided by using the SSL protocol to encrypt the connection between our server and your web browser.

  6. www.miniagents.com uses cookies to personalize and monitor your experience. If you do not accept cookies, you may be unable to use this website or certain features of it.


Customers use the website interface where there are posted offers and descriptions for purchasing. The offers contain a short and detailed description of the product, photos, and price.

  1. The indicated price is for 1 piece in currency, chosen by the Customer; including Bulgarian VAT (Value Added Tax).The price of the product does not include a delivery price.

  2. When placing an order, the Customer indicates the parameters according to the options on the website. The Client must indicate his name, address, telephone and email address for an order confirmation, to start the purchase. If there is a piece of missing or incorrect information for feedback, the Supplier is not entitled to complete the purchase.

  3. Stages of purchasing a good:

  • Define a quantity and press the button “Add to Cart” will automatically add the product to the “Cart”, which can be seen on the right-hand side of the page.

  • Аfter making sure you have reviewed your selected items, Click on the button “ Proceed to Checkout”.

  • Click the “Submit Order” button after providing your delivery and payment information.

  1. By pressing the “Submit Order” button, the Customer performs an action that is legally binding with the force of a contract between him and www.miniagents.com, as described in the current document Terms and Regulations of the Consumer Protection Law.

  2. The Customer accepts that the communication electronically satisfies his/her requirements to the law and is equivalent to the one, handed on paper or verbally on the phone.


1. You can cancel your order in the following cases:

  • the delivered product does not match with the ordered one, which can be detected with a simple overview of the product;

  • not on time delivery;

  • when the product is missing;

  • the discrepancy with the stated size;

  • non-compliance with a trademark.

2. The above claims apply at the time of receipt of the order. In other cases and beyond the Terms of the Consumer Protection Law, the Customer has no right to refuse and return the delivered good. If the Customer wishes to do so, he/she is not entitled to a refund of the amount paid and will occur a transport cost.

3. In the event of a claim, the Customer shall claim: a refund of the amount paid; replace the good with a new one; discount on the price.

4. According to Article 50 (paragraph 1) of the Consumer Protection Law, the Customer has the right to withdraw from the contract remotely or off-premises without indicating a reason, without any compensation or penalty and without paying any expenses except for: the additional costs for delivering the goods when the Customer has chosen a different way from the cheapest one for standard delivery, offered by the supplier; the direct costs of returning the goods.

5. The Customer has the right to return the goods within 14 days if he/she has preserved the products in the form in which he/she received them without being used; there is no damage caused by use; the original packaging is preserved. The return of the products, in this case, is at the expense of the Customer. When goods are exchanged, the transport costs are at the Customer's expense in both directions.
6. The sums paid by the Customer will be returned by a bank transfer, up to 20 (twenty) business days from the date on which the Consumer declared his right of withdrawal.


1. www.miniagents.com warrants that at the time of dispatch the product is free from defects that will reduce its value or its suitability for routine use.

2. After arrival (but not later than 5 (five) days), the Customer checks the product for defects.

3. In the event of a product defect, the Customer should immediately inform ww.miniagents.com.

4. Warranty is not available for defects caused by inappropriate use of the product.


1. In case of impossibility to execute the order due to a temporary lack of availability of a good, size, pattern, pattern or color, as well as a shipment delay due to waiting for a new import and new batch of production, the Supplier informs the Customer by email and if it is possible - offers similar items.
2. In the case of a change in the price of the items/reduction, increase /, the Supplier shall notify the Customer. The order is executed only if the Customer agrees to the new terms.
ww.miniagents.com is not responsible for possible incidental gaps related to the up-to-date information; is not responsible for the consequences, incl. any damage caused by the use of this website; is not responsible for the integrity of the information on the Website from computer viruses or other threats. The information displayed on the website complies with current legislation. The Customer uses the information voluntary and on their own initiative.
ww.miniagents.com does not guarantee fluent and uninterrupted access to the website.

5. ww.miniagents.com is not responsible for the sudden depletion of inventory.

6. ww.miniagents.com is not responsible for delaying or failing to perform its duties for reasons beyond the control of the Company.

7. ww.miniagents.com undertakes to observe the arrangements with the Customer with due care.


1. The Customer is obliged:

    • to indicate an accurate and valid phone number, a shipping address and an email address;

    • to pay the price of the ordered goods and delivery costs, if any;

    • to take the necessary measures required to protect the password;

    • not to disclose to third parties the password and the answer to the secret question and immediately notify ww.miniagents.com in case of unauthorized access to the profile;

    • to end his session in his client account by pressing the virtual "exit" button;

    • not to make fictitious or invalid queries or other false and misleading information;

    • to observe the Bulgarian Legislation, the present Terms and Conditions, the Internet Ethics, the Rules of Morality and Good Manners;

    • not to violate any other property or non-property rights, including intellectual property rights;

    • not to interfere with the correct operation of the system;

    • not to technically retrieve information resources or parts of information resources belonging to databases to create own database in an electronic or another form;

    • not to represent as another person or a representative of a legal person or a group of persons who are not authorized to represent;

    • not to commit malicious acts within the meaning of these Terms and Conditions.

If the Customer does not observe his/her obligations, ww.miniagents.coms entitled immediately and without previous notice to suspend the access of the Customer and third parties to the Client's account, as well as the right to indemnity for all damages and lost profits which are a direct and immediate consequence of the Customer's failure to observe the obligations. In these cases, ww.miniagents.com has the right to refer the matter to the competent state authorities for establishing the infringement.


1. All disputes between the parties shall be resolved in a spirit of understanding and goodwill. If no agreement is reached, any unresolved disputes arising from the Contract between the parties (including disputes arising out of or related to the interpretation of the Contract; invalidity, performance or termination, as well as disputes concerning filling of gaps in the Agreement or its adaptation to new circumstances) will be settled by the Court in Sofia.

2. For the issues not covered by these Terms and Conditions, the Legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria shall be applied.